What is the Average Price for Modern Retirement Homes?

A nice place to spend your retirement years is in a retirement community where you can participate in community activities, games, exercise and other outdoor and indoor activities. Most senior citizens have stories to share with their partners or home mates, so this is the best opportunity to leave those lonely reclining chairs behind and enjoy these years. If you are a senior citizen or someone looking for information and average prices for retirement houses, this article will guide you.

Technically, you are a senior citizen if you have crossed the age of 65. The average life expectancy rate in the US has reached an all time high during the past year because of the new and improved medical facilities all over the country. US mortality rates have dropped considerably over the past few years. A major key to a long life is being happy. A retirement home that you are content with gives you a chance to relax and be happy. Retirement homes are a wonderful idea if you have no children to protect you and keep you company. If you children are unable to care for you as you cared for them a nice retirement home will allow your children to feel satisfied that their parents are well cared for. Make your retirement years a source of great pleasure, adventure and relaxation.

The prices for retirement homes however, are not the same as other residential prices. Their prices vary greatly because most modern facilities include in house medical facilities, golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities both indoor and out to keep the seniors fit. Senior citizens prefer to live in community based ‘assisted living’ facilities rather than in an institution. Even the US government prefers community based living because of the reduced cost of living and large scale employment opportunities. There is a growing demand for housekeepers, personal care attendants and volunteers.

There are different types of homes for the aged depending on the requirements of the senior citizens. Although they come in different names these are the basic varieties of assisted living facilities.

• Retirement home without nursing care/facilities
• Retirement homes for war veterans
• Retirement communities with continuing care

There are moderately priced homes available for senior citizens all over the US. If you are planning to retire early, there are thousands of options available and you can look into these options by surfing the net. You will find places for retirees where you can spend a whole day with only a $15 deposit. There are attentive caretakers at your side and appropriate drinks for good measure. The prices for these homes depend on the various amenities and facilities that are provided and demanded by senior citizens. Such facilities incorporate the following features:

• Safe and crime free locality
• Prompt and adequate medical care
• Homes which cater to the elderly with disabilities
• Clean and neatly maintained walking facilities for a vibrant senior community
• Proximity to tourist locations and attractions, yet are calm and quiet
• Facilities for both mental and physical fitness
• High speed internet facilities

The most favored locations by senior citizens who crave peace and love scenery are by lakes or rivers. They are very expensive though and cost anywhere from $300,000 to $1.25 million. If you cannot afford such prices, you can get simple rooms from $160,000 a month.

If you are planning to rent a room, then you can get a one-bedroom apartment for $600 a month, If you want to rent on a month-by-month basis there are two bedroom apartments for a little over $700 a month.