48 Blogs with Fun Activities and Crafts for Retirement Home Residents

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by Retirement Homes Staff on September 7, 2010

Becoming older does not mean you have to become boring. There are many retirement communities now that keep you busy and active as long as you can do it. From crafts to parties to cruises, there is always something going on for a retired individual. Here are a few great examples of activities you can do when in a retirement community. If you are considering moving to one, take a look at this list and do your research on the place you are interested in. You may find that you like it more than you ever thought you would.

  1. Sherwood Oaks Residents: Learn about these residents partying with one of the local high schools.
  2. Rogue Valley Manor: Check these activity choices for residents at this retirement home. Who said being a senior has to be boring? Definitely not these residents.
  3. Events Calendar: Take a look at what is upcoming at this home. Residents can have a full schedule or choose just a few events to attend.
  4. Vibrant Community: Find the right place to retire is important. Some people like to take it easy and relax while others are social butterflies. See what this residence has to offer its residents.
  5. Active Communities: Discover the different types of care available to retirees. Either keep yourself really busy by joining an active community or just do events every so often. It is up to you how involvedĀ  you get.
  6. Senior Ark: Find tips on crafts and other hobby ideas for seniors to get involved in.
  7. Craft Ideas: Use these easy to do crafts for the residents in your home. These are great for those who love craft time and have to have little assisted care.
  8. Planning Parties and Events: Tips on how to plan parties and group events for senior citizens. This can be either in a residential home atmosphere or just a community center.
  9. Activity Resource: This is a great site to help you with ideas to plan for those senior get-togethers.
  10. Ideas for Crafts: From scrapbooking to homemade cards, there are many ideas here for crafts to do with your group.
  11. Polymer Clay: Try these crafts at your next get together. These are great for seniors to do.
  12. Senior Citizen Prom: Look at one activities directors idea of having a senior prom. Take a look at what they did and maybe get some ideas for your next party.
  13. Block Party Food Ideas: If you are thinking of having a block party in your community, here are a few great ideas on some food to serve.
  14. Valentines Crafts: If you are working with dementia patients, this could be a great easy craft for them to do.
  15. Stress Doll: A great project for most any ages. Seniors love making this one too.
  16. Senior Ideas: Try this list of great ideas to use with your senior citizen group. Keeping them active helps to keep them happy.
  17. Activity Director: Dive into the world of an activities director at a seniors home here as they share their adventures.
  18. Senior Activities: Here is an example of what can go on in a senior residential home. They are often times busy and active.
  19. Riverton Center: Take a look at how active you can stay when you are at this community. Whether you live here or are just visiting, there is always something to do.
  20. Traveling: One home goes all over the place. Find here several trips they take and see examples of what they do together.
  21. Silver Threads: This home stays busy and active with their residents. Just because a person is getting older does not mean they want to sit at home.
  22. Prom Pictures: Complete with a king and queen, take a look at the great time these seniors had at their prom. This is one idea you could have for an activity.
  23. Activities in Clarksville: Take a look at the community centers and how active they stay. If your loved one is not needing a home yet, they can get involved with the community centers.
  24. Loose Center: Whether you want to line dance or do a craft, there is always something going on at this center to keep you busy and active.
  25. Senior Activities: From card games to bingo, this is a busy place to be. Stop by and take a look at all the activities that are held to keep seniors busy and happy.
  26. Mt. Vernon Activities: If you live in Mt. Vernon, there are a lot of things you can do. Learn how to have fun and stay active in your town.
  27. Program Guide: If you are looking for things to do with your loved one, or if you are an activities director, use this guide to help you find fun and exciting things to do with them.
  28. Senior Services: Find out about your area citizens center and get involved there. That is one way to stay active and busy while a senior.
  29. Senior Journal: Get all the news and updates that are going on with seniors today. Find out the latest health updates and activities to do as well.
  30. South Fremont Center: Check out these seniors and what they are up to. Get ideas for your senior residence activities to help keep them busy and learning.
  31. Carson City: Learn about their senior citizen center and what they are up to now. Get their newsletter and also get ideas on how to keep seniors active.
  32. Norris Square Senior Center: Check out this senior center and see if your group would like to add some of these activities to their schedules.
  33. Weekly Activities: See what this center is busy doing each week. From line dancing to crafts, there is never a dull moment here.
  34. Senior Programs: This is an example of what many centers are doing. They have library, health and other programs offered to their seniors.
  35. Oakland Center: Every resident will have a wonderful time staying busy and active at this home. From health classes to crafts, there is always something they can get involved with.
  36. Geneva Center: Check out this center that meets weekly with activities for all seniors.
  37. Spanish Fork: At this senior center you can sign up for meals, activities and recreation sports.
  38. Durham Program: Take a look at this program who tries to keep their seniors healthy, active and independent. Get ideas on things to bring to your center here.
  39. Senior Services: Here are a few of the services that a lot of senior centers try to provide for their members. Meals and activities are something that most all of them have.
  40. Station Break Center: Stop by this center if you are in Mount Vernon Ohio. They have lots of activities planned for each month to keep you busy and active.
  41. Strand Center: If you love theater, then check out this site. They have planned activities and events just for seniors.
  42. Programs Offered: There are so many different programs that centers offer for their seniors. This is one example of things that you can do to help your seniors stay active.
  43. Senior Centers: Check out the activities calendar for this senior center. Most centers offer these type programs with some variations.
  44. Senior Fair: Each year a senior citizens arts and crafts fair is held. Find all the information out here and think about visiting next year.
  45. Arts and Crafts Ideas: There are many different arts and craft ideas here. Find one that works for your group of seniors.
  46. Crafts can be Fun Gifts: One blogger shares how giving an elder a craft for a gift can be a great idea. Doing crafts with them can be a great way to spend quality time with them.
  47. Craft Store: Take a look at this great store that sales handmade items from seniors. They only specialize in those items that people 50 or better have made.
  48. Washington Heights: Learn about the great activities here for seniors. Try some of these out for your group and see if they work out.

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